Ghostpoet Takes a Photo of His Skin For Album Cover

For the new album “Shedding Skin” cover, Brit pop musician made a biopsy of his own skin.

British performer Ghostpoet posted a video about a cover of his new album “Shedding Skin.” Experimenting with the title of his album, the musician went to a hospital, where a doctor helped him to cut off a piece of his skin. Then, he colored the piece and took a photo through a microscope. Later, these images were used for the album cover.

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“The skin biopsy was the first stage to creating the artwork. It was the moment when I thought OK this is real… I’m very much of the mind of trying to be as hands-on as possible, because I look at it as another avenue to be creative. I think it’s very important to get your feelings out in some shape or form, be it the music or the artwork,”said the performer in am interview with It’s Nice That.

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