Journalists Found Out Which Cameras WPP Winners Used to Take Their Pictures

The authors studied which cameras were most popular among the photojournalists who won the awards at this year's competition.

Photolari, a Spanish website about photography, collected data about the equipment used to take the photographs that won 2017 World Press Photo, PetaPixel writes. In order to do this, the authors analyzed EXIF data from photographs.

It turned out that Сanon cameras were the most popular: 20 photographs who were awarded this year were taken with a Canon. Nikon ranks second, with 11 photographs. The list also includes Fujifilm (2 photographs), Pentax, and Leica (one photograph each). It was not possible to extract data about nine other images.

The winners of World Press Photo were announced on February 13. The Photograph of the Year was taken by a Turkish photographer, Burhan Ozbilici, who on the assignment at the exhibition in Ankara where Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was assassinated. You can check out the best works of the contest here.


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