Skittles Produces a Batch of Single-Color Candy to Support the LGBT Community

Mars Inc. that usually underlines the colorfulness of Skittles, started selling limited edition single-color candy in Britain.

For the LGBT Pride Month that is traditionally held in some of the Western countries in June, Skittles produced limited edition single-color candy. There is a poster in the shops near the new kind of candy: “During Pride Month, only one rainbow deserves to be the center of attention. So Skittles have given theirs up.” Two pennies from each of the packs will go to the foundations that work with LGBT communities.

Also many Internet users liked the idea of Mars Inc., not everybody evaluated the initiative in a positive way: some even saw the signs of racism in the campaign. “Skittles shows everyone is equal. …by making a bag of white skittles…” one Twitter user writes.

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