Festival of Lights in Lyon

Street planetarium, giant nightlight and optical illusion on a Gothic-style Cathedral appeared in the city.

The fifteenth annual Festival of Lights, occurred in France. More than three million tourists participated. One hundred seventy five artists – renowned masters and students – installed seventy five light installations on the streets of Lyon.

Each night during the festival, light architects (that’s what the artists call themselves) turn buildings, streets and monuments into creative pieces of art. The artists, together with astronomers from the University of Lyon decorated a lawn at Place Antonin Poncet with a thousand glass stars, turning it into planetarium. Place de Jacobins was transformed into a nursery, lit up with a giant nightlight – a fountain. Exterior of the Cathedral Saint-Jean, the main tourist attraction in the city, was decorated with a gigantic optical illusion accompanied by classical music.

The Light Festival was first conducted in 1989 with the intention to continue a local tradition which involved lighting a candle on the 8th of December to remember Virgin Mary, who protected city from a plague, according to legend. Therefore, the organizers said that the Festival is not a technology competition. It’s an inspiring action, which preserves tradition.

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In October 2014, Visual Art Festival was held in Prague.

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