Petition Against Ban on Photographic Work in EU Is Signed by 400,000 People

Amendments to the legislation will ban taking photos of the landmarks with a professional equipment without permission of the right holders.

Almost 400,000 people signed a petition on the website requesting European parliament to decline an amendment to the legislation that forbids posting online professional photos of European landmarks without permission. The website began collecting signatures against the amendment about two weeks ago, writes PetaPixel.

The amendment to the legislation was suggested by European parliament member, Jean-Marie Cavada. The possibility of the implementation caused a wave of disturbance among professional photographers who might be affected. Jimmy Wales, a Wikipedia founder, told The Guardian about potential threats that a ban on free publication of the images might cause.

“The “reform” would have terrible consequences for the way we share and create culture and knowledge. Photojournalists would need to seek permission after permission instead of doing what they do best: taking fine photographs,” says Jimmy Wales.

He also said that if the Europarliment adopted the changes there would be a possibility that hundreds of thousands of Wikipedia photos would have to be removed.

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