Topless Photo Shoot Was Staged Outside Manhattan Supreme Court

Allen Henson, a photographer facing a $1.1 million lawsuit for taking photos of a topless model, invited five models to get undressed outside the court in protest.

An American photographer, Allen Henson, staged a semi-naked photo shoot outside the Manhattan Supreme Court. For about five minutes, models posed topless in front of the camera before court officers asked them to stop the shoot, writes New York Post. The models and the photographer went inside the building and tried to get undressed and continue the shoot, but were stopped by security officers.

“I haven’t been arrested, they did however at one point attempt to get me to delete images,” wrote Henson on his twitter account.

The photographer is drawing attention to his $1.1 million lawsuit for taking photos of a topless model on top of the Empire State Building in August 2013.

Henson’s civil trial will resume August 6th at the Manhattan Supreme Court.

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