France is on a protest. The first to protest this week were Paris taxi drivers, who are unhappy that Uber is taking away their clients, and therefore their money. They blocked several streets and the access to the airport and had a fight with police. More than 20 people were detained.

The next to protest the planned wage cuts were air traffic controllers. This lead to cancellation of 20% of flights.

School teachers, kindergarten teachers and other civil servants are also protesting, which led to nurseries, kindergartens and schools being closed on Tuesday.

Finally, the farmers also started protesting, as they are unhappy about the falling prices on their products. In the past two years milk prices in the country decreased by 17%, beef prices — by 3.5%. The farmers have blocked roads in Brittany and access to La Rochelle.

In the photo: Tires are burning on a motorway near Saint-Étienne-en-Coglès.

Photo: Damien Meyer / AFP / East News

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