How to Show Your Photo Project to Bird in Flight

Every day we receive photo projects from different countries, so to answer the authors faster, we listed all technical requirements for materials here. Bird in Flight retains the right to select photo projects for publication at its own discretion.

1. It is preferrable to upload photo projects to Google Drive or any file-sharing service that works in Ukraine (WeTransfer, Fex).
2. A project must include not fewer than 12 photographs. A final number may vary, but it is best to show under 20 images.
3. A series of images must be accompanied by its description along with brief information about the author: age, education, occupation, where they learned photography, whether they took part in exhibitions, whether their work is part of collections. The author’s photograph is also required.
4. The images should be not smaller than 2,000 pixels on the longer side. Each photograph should be not over 5 Mb.
5. The project cannot have been previously published in other outlets.
6. Bird in Flight chooses the title at its own discretion. If it is important for the author to see the final version before publication, they should warn the editor about this beforehand.
7. Projects should be sent to Bird in Flight’s email – (state ‘Photo project’ in the subject line).