Portfolio: Magdalena Wosinska

Polish-American photographer Magdalena Wosinska has taken pictures of her friends, travels and herself naked since she was a teenager.

Magdalena Wosinska Age 32

Born in Katowice, Poland. Moved to the USA in the 1990s, now lives in Los Angeles. Works for Vogue, Another Man, Le Magazine, and Vice. Has shot advertisements for Converse, Sony, Dell, Apple and Steve Madden. Has released several books, of which the first two were dedicated to her nude body, friends and eight years of hard touring with the metal band Green and Wood for whom she played guitar.

I started shooting photos when I was 14 years old. I experimented with shooting self-portraits and nudes, then started shooting skateboarding as it was something I was doing in my teens. Nudity is timeless. It shows no social class, religion, epoch or style.

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Not much has changed since then. Well, it went from taking self-portraits and skateboarding to shooting my environment, friends and people around me. I am always taking photos of what’s happening around me: my friends and family and my travels. Capturing basic human emotion is what gets me shooting people. Their personalities, past experiences, and history can be seen in their faces. People who provoke and push me, and new places that really stimulate me visually. Having a curiosity and a desire is the main inspiration.

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My latest project has been the publication of my third book called “The Experience Vol. 1”. I only use film for my personal work with a variety of 35mm cameras, and for client work I use a Canon Mark 3. It’s a book of travels I’ve done over the last 5 years, documenting nude self-portraits in what I believe are beautiful landscapes all over the world.

If I wasn’t a photographer, maybe I’d be a rockstar, race car driver, psychologist or farmer. I love music and I played in a metal band called “Green and Wood” for 8 years, so I would be eager to play again.

But for me, photography is like air or breathing. I’m obsessed with taking pictures. But it’s also hard work and having the right vibe with your crew; this helps the flow of creativity. And always remembering to be one step ahead of yourself, to keep yourself stoked and to challenge yourself creatively.

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