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After the Final Curtain: Abandoned Theatres in a Project by Matt Lambros

American photographer Matt Lambros creates photo epitaphs for once prospering buildings. He searches for and takes pictures of theaters where applause was last heard a long time ago.

Matt Lambros 33 years old

Born in Boston, lives in New York. Studied photography at the University of Boston. Is inspired by architecture of abandoned buildings.

I have always enjoyed holding a camera, but only when I started shooting theatres, I started becoming known, and,as a consequence, making money.

For a long time I was just shooting abandoned shelters and hospitals but then I got tired of it. Those places depressed me. The idea of photographing abandoned theaters was a sudden insight when one day I was sitting with some friends in a movie theater. It just flashed through my mind, “There must be some god forsaken stages somewhere!” When I got home I started searching and after a while found the Royal Theatre in Brooklyn.

Now those theaters are an important part of my life. A large part of my life is now consecrated to searching for, studying, and photographing those places. So far I have photographed over 70 theaters and am not going to stop yet. What am I going to get by doing this? I want to raise interest and direct public attention to those amazing buildings. They are full of history and some of them can still be restored. I sincerely hope that my efforts will help to save at least one theater.

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