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You Can See More from the Top: Observing Life from the Ceiling in Florian Beaudenon’s Project

Once photographer Florian Beaudenon looked at his model having a snack from an unusual angle and started photographing the pleasant episodes of daily life from above.

Florian Beaudenon,

Lives in Paris. Does portrait and fashion shoots.

During a shoot in 2011 I tried this point of view when my model was lying in repose on my couch. I fell in love with the result and decided to make this into a full project. It is called Instant Life – which means “live your life now and enjoy each moment of it”. I would show a lot of scenes of life we can live everyday, a lot of little things that make our life better. The point of view from above introduces a bit of voyeurism, like a fly in your flat who looks at you. Without the face of a model anyone can imagine themselves in this scene. All people who make this project possible are volunteers, friends, family and people I haven’t met before who heard about my work and contacted me to participate!

I think I finished it, maybe I can do several pictures again sometime, but I need to create something else! I don’t want to become this kind of photographer who keeps making the same thing their whole life! Instant Life is my first baby, I have seen it grow more than I had anticipated, now I need to be pregnant again.

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