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Breasts & Mountains: Mounds in Dmitry Jakovlev Project.

Art photographer from Moscow compares nature and female body.

Dmitry Jakovlev 37

Artist, photographer and designer. Studied at Nizhny Novgorod Art College and later in Moscow State University of the Printing Arts. In 1999, he graduated from Moscow Institute for Contemporary Art. He worked as a creative officer in advertising for 11 years while doing personal creative projects. In 2011, together with his co-authors, he received the Cannes Advertising Festival award for the best outdoor advertising. He organized KunstGroupcreative community and coorganized DailyType project.

The Breasts & Mountains series is all about mounds. It includes black and white photographs from different periods with 5-7 years difference between them. In terms of plot, this is an investigation and a search for analogy. Ideally the whole series should be on one wall, so that the viewer would freely transition from looking at one photograph to another, compare or change the viewing order, while seeing all the photographs at the same time. This series started for me a search for the accidental in photography.

Photography is an exact art. The more quality we have in technology, the more exact it is. The accident is leaving photography, it becomes less and less mysterious. The history of photography had flying saucers, pixies and other important accidental things that happen because technology is not perfect, the exposure is long and so on.

The feeling that I am trying to convey in photography is tangible unspecificity. It is reminiscent of the logic of a dream – when I wake up, I can’t tell exactly where the action was happening, what time of the day it was and what time of year. I remember separate images or situations: escaping the abstract enemy; the evanescence of my own body; half-walking and half-flying. In the erotic dream, it may be the body of the abstract partner or the situation of abstract intimacy.

I gradually try to make the image more complicated like in the Connotations series. The image gradually becomes less exact, and the plot is eroded, leaving only a vague feeling. As if the photographer vaguely remembers what and where he captured, vaguely remembers the circumstances of the shoot, and may confuse the details.

In the future, as a result of my search I may turn to abstract photography. As one philosopher whose existence hasn’t been proven once said: “God is an infinite sphere, whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere”.

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