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Alone with Themselves: The Last Passengers in Andrey Kalmykov Series

Busy city life began making Moscow photographer Andrey Kalmykov feel tired, so he started photographing passengers of the last trains, buses and trams. His pictures capture the moments of being alone that are so rare in Moscow.

Andrey Kalmykov, 26

Russian photographer. Born in Stupino (Moscow oblast), lives in Moscow. Studied engineering in Moscow Institute for Steel and Alloys and design at Russian State Social University. Member to the Russian Union of Art Photographers. Participant of group exhibitions and prize winner of competitions such as The Silver Camera, Russian Young Photographers, The Best of Russia. Freelances for online editions.

“The Last Passenger” series is based on my personal perception of the pace of life in a metropolitan city. When you move to the million-city from a small town, you can’t help but feel the lack of private space. The number of events in Moscow in one day sometimes exceeds the monthly number in other cities. At some point during my life in the capital I realized that I get lost in these endless streams of information, and one day on my way home from a late shoot I wanted to capture these feelings.

The heroes in my series are the passengers of last trains, buses and trams that go back from the city center to their residential districts everyday, same as I do. These are the people for whom the night tram presents a rare opportunity to be alone with themselves. I try to steal a picture without them noticing me, otherwise the whole magic is gone. It’s impossible to convey this state of mind if you intrude in someone’s personal space.

Working on “The Last Passenger,” I try to maintain a certain style that is characteristic for my other projects. Namely, photographs in the series are pieces of a puzzle, and together they present the whole picture. This type of presentation attracts more attention from viewers and conveys the implied meaning to them.

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