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Baltimore, Sir: Citizens in the Streets in Patrick Joust’s Project

Patrick Joust, 37

Born in California, lives in Baltimore (MD). Majored in history. Self-taught photographer, has been doing photography professionally since he was 24. Received two awards from Maryland state for his works in 2012 and 2015. Published in Time, Playboy, Baltimore Magazine and other magazines.

There are a lot of other interesting and unique places, but there’s no other quite like Baltimore. I came to live here somewhat randomly 11 years ago, but I liked it from the start. I still feel like an outsider. I don’t necessarily lament that though. Since I still feel a sense of newness and opportunity in Baltimore, I don’t take what I see for granted. I know that a building or a neighborhood can disappear, which gives me a sense of importance in capturing what I see around me.

It’s hard to articulate exactly what makes Baltimore special though. I hope that my pictures do a better job than my words. I’ve been surprised at how popular my Baltimore photos have become and the number of people from all over the world that are curious about this town. I’ve felt that same sense of curiosity for other places from photos I’ve seen by Wojtek Mszyca in Poland or Wouter Van de Voorde in Australia or Missy Prince in America. Good photography has an extraordinary power to draw you in. It’s about place, of course, but also the photographer’s specific vision of that place that makes it special.

I don’t really call myself a street photographer. Others do sometimes. I have a mix of candid photos, portraits, static objects, long exposure night photography, etc. I don’t do as much of what I’d consider “decisive moment” photography. I’m not anxious to put what I do into specific categories. I just think of myself as a photographer or, at the risk of sounding pretentious, an artist. I don’t want to be limited within a genre or even a format.

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