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Hold Your Breath: Underwater Body Language in the Project of Ramona Zordini

Ramona Zordini, 31

Lives in Italy, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. Her works were exhibited in Italy, England, Hong Kong, Spain and the USA.

The inspiration in my project “Changing Time” has been the development of the concept of change, I read books of Ovidio, Kafka, Jodorowsky and others. In “Changing Time” I tried to document the process of transformation and transmutation.

I am studying the psycho-emotional concept of transformation, how the body outlines the attitudes of a person, their gestures and even its shape thanks to their emotions and their own experience. The body is like a memorizer for memories, traumas and situations, the body tells us who we are. Water is the vital element for excellence, the nourishment of all things and is a participant of their change. That’s why the bodies of my models are surrounded by water.

I never decided to focus only on the naked bodies – just do not put anything in my work that is not strictly necessary, and the clothes are often unnecessary communication.

I usually find my models by chance, or rather, they find me. They are all people who appreciate my work and want to be part of it. I often use myself as a model for the more intimate projects.

I make sketches and get ready, I try to vision the result, but the models can join in on my idea. I give them freedom to express themselves. Time is relative, I stop only when they are satisfied or if I see that the model needs to rest.

On the set I always try to be careful. It is almost impossible to avoid stress when working. Working with me is never easy, it takes a lot to be models in apnea. But it is also a powerful experience that allows you to connect with my project and lower your barriers.

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