Depositphotos launched NFT artworks for sale to help recover destroyed cultural heritage in Ukraine

The international content platform Depositphotos, in partnership with the META HISTORY museum and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, introduced The Revival Project. Its main goal is to raise funds to restore destroyed cultural sites by selling NFT artworks.

Seven Ukrainian artists participated in the project, including Mykhailo Skop, Tamara Safarova, Sashko Danylenko, and OTOG STUDIO. They created 38 charitable NFTs that translated their vision of how destroyed cultural objects might look in the future. The artists presented concepts for the reconstruction of the Mariupol Drama Theater, the Irpin Central House of Culture, the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, the Vorontsov Palace in Odesa, and other buildings.

05_Donetsk_International_Airport by OTOG STUDIO
Donetsk_International_Airport / OTOG Studio
04_Ukrainian_Theater_Luhansk by OTOG STUDIO
Ukrainian Theater, Luhansk / OTOG Studio
01_Mykolaiv_Regional_State_Administration by OTOG STUDIO
Mykolaiv Regional State Administration / OTOG Studio
03_Azovstal_Stadium_Mariupol by OTOG STUDIO
Azovstal Stadium, Mariupol / OTOG Studio
02_Vorontsov_Palace_Odessa by OTOG STUDIO
Vorontsov Palace, Odessa / OTOG Studio
04 — Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum (ХРАМ) by Mykhailo Skop
Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum / Mykhailo Skop
01_Donetsk_Academic_Regional_Drama_Theatre_Mariupol by Sashko Danylenko
Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theatre, Mariupol / Sashko Danylenko
House of Culture, Irpin / Bogdana Davydiuk
Regional_Childrens_Library_Chernihiv by Zhanna Yenikieieva
Regional Childrens Library, Chernihiv / Zhanna Yenikieieva
Kuindzhi Art Museum in Mariupol by Tamara Safarova
Kuindzhi Art Museum in Mariupol / Tamara Safarova

NFT works are available for multiple purchases at the META HISTORY Museum, which will gradually open access to the thematic series of the collection. All collected funds will be transferred to the crypto wallet of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

Depositphotos also asked 12 artists, designers, and photographers from different cities of Ukraine to share their memories of destroyed cultural sites. “The area around Mykolaiv Regional State Administration was a meeting place for creatives, a playground for skaters […] I found out about the destruction of the administration building, one of the coziest places in downtown Mykolaiv, through Instagram. I felt a lot of pain, but even more so, I had an acute feeling that things would never be the same again,” said Olga Otog, co-founder of OTOG STUDIO.

Since February 24, more than 460 russian war crimes against the cultural heritage of Ukraine have been recorded.

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