Actress Caitlin Stasey Launches Feminist Website

An actress created a web resource with interviews and nude photos aimed at helping women to build their self confidence.

Recently, an Australian actress, Caitlin Stasey (Please Like Me), launched a website for women, in which she publishes real life stories of women, and nude photos of them.

In an interview with Stasey said that she had an idea to create the site after recognizing the need for a space where women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, sexualities, and gender identities could talk about themselves and their experiences. She decided to create an online platform free from male gaze and public opinion, which often dictates appearance and lifestyle. Stasey is sure that the project will help women build their confidence and “return their body” stolen by the fashion industry.

“I wanted to feature women from all walks of life in the hope that women who rarely see themselves reflected in the media could find solidarity, could find people LIKE them rather than people they are constantly being told to be like,” writes the actress.

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Any woman can become part of the project through using the contacts details provided on the web-site. Photographer Jenifer Toole will create a look for each participant and will take photos, while Stasey will do an interview.

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