Annie Leibovitz to Continue Her 1999 Series “Women”

She was commissioned for this project by USB, Swiss financial services company.

It is not yet known who will appear in the photographs, but the advertising company that works with UBS said they are ‘notable women’. The new photographs in the Women series will draw attention to how the role of the women has changed in 21st century.

In January 2016, the new photographs will make their first appearance in London before traveling to Tokyo, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico City, Istanbul, Frankfurt, New York, and Zurich over the following 12 months. The exhibition will be free of charge to the public, Artnews reports.

Leibovitz’s 1999 “Women” photographs include portraits of American sculptor Louis Bourgeois, politician Hillary Clinton, and civic activist Gloria Steinem.

(Photo credit Artnews.)

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