Book About Alternative Femininity To Be Published

An American artist compares standards of beauty in the past and present.

The book I <3 girl by an American multimedia artist Jessica Yatrofsky will be presented in May. In the monograph she collects portraits of representatives of different subcultures: women adorned by tattoos, women with very short and colored hair, and other have piercings or just don’t support a generic ideal of feminine beauty. Yatrofsky wanted to illustrate that contemporary understandings of beauty standards have changed, and females use various masculine elements in their physical expressions while remaining entirely feminine.

“Personally, I would say feminine beauty is a balance of style, poise and grace. It’s a gentleness and a knowingness that I don’t believe is always exclusive to a woman. I think beauty is seen, expressed and agreed on across cultures in a variety of ways and I intend to be part of this dialogue as an artist who has her own point of view,” says Yatrofsky.

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Earlier Yatrofsky published a book I <3 boy, where she studied masculine characteristics in a similar way.

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