Kamille Seaman’s Book of Melting Ice

Wildlife photographer Kamille Seaman publishes a book with landscapes which may disappear because of global warming.

In 2011 wildlife photographer Kamille Seaman decided to stop shooting the North and South Poles to avoid further pollution of the environment associated with boats and airplanes. Recently, to show what the planet may be missing because of the global warming, she published a book “Melting Away.” She collected 75 of her best images made during five winter and summer expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.

“I stopped going because it felt so futile. I felt like no picture I could take would make enough of a difference…If only we can create a conversation and start to collectively talk about different ideas for how to ensure these places that I’ve photographed will exist for their children and their children’s children,” said the photographer in her interview with Wired.com.

It is not the first attempt of Seaman to attract international attention to the global warming problem. Earlier she presented a TED talk to present her project “The Last Iceberg,” created for an educational on-line portal The Earth Academy, and became a member of the Council of the Uncertain Human Future.

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