Video of the Day: Active Volcano in 4K

A resident of the Hawaiian islands captured an explosion of one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Hawaiian resident, Lance Page, released a 4K video of the explosion of Kilauea – the most active volcano in the world. According to Page he was born and raised on the islands, and always felt the need to spread the word about the beauty of molten rock.

“Many in Hawaii refer to the lava as “Pele,” the Hawaiian goddess of fire. After our incredible experiences at the volcano it’s not hard to see why so many islanders to this day see her as a living breathing thing. I wanted to capture her beauty and mysteriousness as well as her unimaginable power in the best way that I knew how. I wanted to just see it doing what it does. I shied away from any human interaction and turned the cameras to the fiery blood of the Earth,” says Page.

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