Alternative to GoPro Released in China

YiCamera goes beyond GoPro Hero in technical characteristics and costs half the price.

Xiaomi launched YiCamera which is oriented for the Chinese market. The camera is equipped with 16-megapixel matrix Sony Exmor (Hero has 5 megapixel matrix), a lens with 155° wide-angle (Hero has 170° wide-angle), Bluetooth and Wifi (Hero does not have any), noise reduction and digital image stabilization.

YiCamera shoots in Full HD 1080p format with a speed of 60 frames in a second (Hero has 30 frames per second).

Other characteristics are not significantly different than Hero: equal ability to shoot underwater at the depth of 40m, weight – 72 g (against 111g of Hero), 1010 mAh battery (Hero has 1180 mAh battery).

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The camera is available only in China for $64 (price of GoPro is about $130). Residents of other countries will be able to buy it at the end of 2015, says

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