iPhone 6 Case With An Actual Shutter Button To Be Produced

Three types of the lenses and a circular polarizer filter can be purchased separately.

For the iPhone 6 launch, Taiwan’s company Bitplay has updated the previous version of the photo case from 2012. Prototype of the new gadget is equipped with a mechanical shutter button located in the upper part of the case (to prevent blocking the lens with fingers) and has anti-slip grid design, which allows taking steady shots.

SNAP!6 has a metallic finish and comes in 4 colors: Classic Black, Premium Silver, Strawberry Pink and Deep Blue. You can also purchase a leather strap, circular polarizer filter and 3 set of the lens: (1) the 2 in 1 lens (Marco + Wide Angle), (2) Fisheye Lens, (3) 3X Telephoto Lens.

To begin the production of the updated version, the designers collected almost $80,000 (instead of the asked $20,000) on Kickstarter.

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