Photographer Takes Portraits Using Water Drop for a Lens

Robin de Puy took a series of photographs for a bottled water producer, using a water drop for optics.

Photographer Robin de Puy created an advertising photo series for Spa, using a water drop for a lens. This unusual choice of optics was made to visualize the purity of the company’s mineral water. According to Portrait Academy, the high-tech system for shooting took several weeks to develop, and the shooting process itself took over six months.

To take a photograph, a drop of water was placed on a glass plate, covered with teflon. By supplying electricity to the drop, it was possible to alter its form, and by changing the amperage, the author attained focus on the image.

Robin-de-Puy-SPA-water-lens-4 (1)

De Puy took the photographs with 1/3 second exposure with a professional 18-Mpx camera, and she made the images black-and-white when she edited them. She used a mirror to refract the light that entered the camera’s sensor through a drop of water. She also made a short film about how the water drop lens was created:

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