A Fundraiser to Print a Calendar with Pictures Taken By Homeless People Started on Kickstarter

British social initiative Café Art asked them to shoot photographs with the theme 'My London'; a selection panel later chose the best 20 photographs out of 2,500.

On Wednesday, August 26, a British social organization Café Art, which helps homeless people express themselves through art and photography started a fundraiser to print a calendar composed of the photographs made by the people they are taking care of.

In early July, Café Art handed out 100 disposable cameras to homeless people in London and asked them to shoot photos with the theme “My London.” By the end of July, PetaPixel reports, 80 out of the 100 cameras were returned. Out of 2,500 photos that were developed, 20 photos were then chosen by a selection panel consisting of representatives from Fujifilm and Amateur Photographer.

This project has been going on for three years now. In 2013 3,000 copies of the calendar were printed, and 4,500 copies were printed in 2014. This year the organizers hope to increase the number of copies to 5,000.

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