Film About Photojournalism in Afghanistan is Released

The filmmakers show how free press is reviving the country.

On March 14th in Austin,Texas, a documentary Frame By Frame about four Afghan journalists will be presented at the festival of music, films and technology South by Southwest. The film describes changes in mass media, photography and information policy in Afghanistan over the last 20 years.

“In 1996, the Taliban banned photography in Afghanistan. Taking a photo was considered a crime. When the US invaded after 9/11, Afghans saw the Taliban regime topple, the media blackout disappear, and a promising media industry emerge. Now, in a country facing abject uncertainty and ongoing war, Afghanistan’s young press struggles to be a free press,” writes the filmmakers.

According to the filmmakers, Mo Scarpelli and Alexandria Bombach, there is only one female photographer currently working in Afghanastan, Farzana Wahidy. The filmmakers interviewed her and show her images.

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