How People in the Streets of Portugal and Israel Respond to Seeing a Gay Couple

Enthusiasts from other countries continue the experiment started by Russian pranksters from ChebuRussia.

This time gay couples were holding hands and walking around the central streets of Lisbon and Jerusalem, Gay Alliance Ukraine reports.

In the capital of Portugal the result was more positive than during some of the previous experiments.

“There was neither hate nor threats, nobody tried to beat us up, nobody insulted us. Of course, a lot of people were turning their heads at us, but those were not negative looks”, Perdo, the participant of the experiment in Lisbon, says.

The atmosphere during the walk in Jerusalem was much more tensed. At the end of July during a gay pride here an Orthodox fanatic stabbed one of the participants to death. And although there were no attempts of physical violence during the experiment, the participants had many insults hurled at them.

We’d like to remind you that last month Bird In Flight performed a similar experiment in the streets of Kyiv.


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