Dismaland Materials Will Be Used to Build Shelters for Refugees

Leftovers from Banksy's theme park are moving to Calais in France.

Timber and fixtures from Dismaland will be used to build shelters in the refugee camp in Calais in France, the notice of the official website of the theme park says. It is added that no online tickets would be available.

Independent reports that there are an estimated 5,000 refugees camped in and around the French port of Calais, including people displaced from Syria, Libya and Eritrea.

Dismaland, a gloomy theme park, build under supervision of street artist Banksy, was closed on Sunday, September 27. In a month the park had over 150,000 visitors and brought a $30 million tourist boom to Weston-Super-Mare town on the coast of Bristol Bay.

(Cover photo: Depositphotos.)

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