Study on How Social Networks Impact Our Day-To-Day Life

A survey shows that attempting to take good photos for social media interferes with people's ability to be happy.

Two journalists from the New York Times, Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield, conducted a survey about how social media activity impacts our day-to-day lives. The results show that 58% of 1623 people surveyed said taking perfect pictures for social media has prevented them from enjoying life experiences. The reason people are distracted from enjoying their experiences is a phenomenon Grenny and Maxfield termed “trophy hunting,” which is when people are focused on capturing a likable post shot instead of living in the moment.

About 91% of the respondents said they have witnessed tourists miss a great moment because they were trying to capture it for social media. Some of the respondents said that their desire for a cute shot occasionally provokes antisocial behavior – people discipline their children or risk their own safety to get a like-worthy post.

The journalists suggested that people participating in “trophy hunting” experience a low level of happiness, and should probably take a break from social media activities.

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