New World Record: 9 Whales In One Photo

Underwater photographer Darren Jew said that he waited twenty years to capture the image.

Underwater photographer Darren Jew captured a unique image near the coast of Tonga – a photo of nine whales, says The Daily Telegraph. According to the news story, the photographer may make a new entry in The Guinness Book of Records as the only person who has captured nine whales in a single frame.

The image was made during a photo session with the freediver Ai Futaki, who set a world record in FreeDiving (diving without special equipment). Later, Jew confessed, that he waited twenty years to capture this photo. “I have images of six and seven whales visible at once, but on this occasion everything came together,” the photographer said. “The weather, the light, the location, the water clarity and the whales, with the bonus of having Guinness world free-diving record holder Ai Futaki joining in the pod”.

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