Photographer Threatened With Death For Publishing Photos From Pakistan

Military photojournalist, Alixandra Fassina, is receiving threats about images of Pakistani women and children.

Several days after The Guardian published an article about the photo project “Life of Women” dealing with Pakistani women and children in the conflict zones of Pakistan, the photographer started receiving letters with death threats and experienced bullying in social media, says

“I take this threat very seriously. There is a strong possibility if I return I will be killed simply for having documented what are realities on the ground. But, I won’t be silenced by this threat,” says Fassina. According to her, a the number of people in conflict zones ready to share their stories is growing every day. Extremists can’t control them, so they persecute those who document the facts.

Recently, Islamabad diplomats officially informed the photojournalist that her life is in a danger. Fassina was forced to cancel shooting a new series featuring the health of Pakistani mothers, which was planned for November 20th.

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Over the last six years, Amnesty International documented 28 cases of journalists who were killed. Coordinator of the Asian program Committee to Protect Journalists, Bob Dietz, claimed that extremists are more and more threatening journalists with impunity. However the main target is not foreign press, but local journalists, who receive threats on a daily basis.

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