Scientists Explain How Professional Photos Are Different From Amateur

Scientists from Minnesota University proved that images made by professional photographers are more memorable.

On Tuesday, the National Press Photographers Association published results of the research on image perception in media. Scientists found out that 90 percent of the time people are able to tell whether a photograph was made by a professional or an amateur. The 20 most memorable photographs were taken by professionals. Also, results revealed that photos with captions are most likely to receive attention.

52 people participated in the study conducted last May at the University of Minnesota. Participants had the opportunity to view 200 mixed professional and amateur photos, which appeared in press. With the help of eye tracking gears scientists were able to record and analyze what people looked at in a photograph, how long they looked, and more. Afterwards,the participants were asked to answer questions.

“I think if I was running a newspaper, it would be important for me to have photographs that were quality, as opposed to photos that are just like yeah, everyone just kind of send stuff in,” said a 21-year-old male participant of the study.

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