Baltimore Instagram Photo Featured on TIME Cover

TIME published a photo by Devin Allen, a resident of Baltimore, of the protests in his city.

An image from the Instagram account of a 26-year old photographer, Devon Allen, who is covering the protests in Baltimore, will be published on the cover of TIME. The photo, made on April 25th, depicts an young African American man running from the police.

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Before the protests, Allen tried his hand at street and fashion photography. When the protests erupted, he began documenting the riots and the confrontations between the protestors and the police. His photos have been published by many media sources including BBC and CNN.

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The Strength in our Women is amazing :::: #Baltimore #blacklivesmatter #ripfreddiegray #DVNLLN

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Things will get better i promise :::: #ripfreddygray #BALTIMORE :::: #DVNLLN

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