Tomás Saraceno Flies a Balloon Made from a Thousand Plastic Bags

Argentinean artist forces to think about the damage polyethylene causes to the environment.

A giant installation by an Argentinean artist, Tomás Saraceno, Becoming Aerosolar, floats into the sky above the 21er Haus art museum in Vienna. The installation is an air balloon made from a thousand recycled plastic bags, writes

The installation is part of a personal exhibition by Saraceno that features several similar plastic bags projects. “It invites us to think of new ways to grasp the circulation of energy and resources, and promotes a thermodynamic imaginary, actively reframing the material ethics and politics of our contemporary modes of moving, dwelling, and being together, here on Earth,” commented the curator of the show, Mario Codognato.

The installation will be on view at the Haus 21er museum in Vienna through August 30th. Previously, Saraceno’s works were showcased in ten countries, and his creative achievements were marked with the numerous international awards.

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