Tourists Complain About a Parked Car That Ruined Photos

Visitors in the village of Bibury, England were not happy with a yellow car that ruined a perfect photo of the medieval village.

Tourists who visited village of Bibury, England, complained on Twitter about an “ugly, yellow car.” The car, parked on one of the streets, ruined the perfect medieval picturesque landscape.

According to Telegraph, the yellow Vauxhall Corsa is owned by 82-year-old local resident Peter Maddox, who does not have any other place to park his car. Maddox’s neighbors show their support, “Tourists should get a life. They must realise that we live here. These are our homes. Peter has every right to park there and there isn’t anywhere else he can park,” said a 71 year old resident of Bibury.

National Trust, an organization responsible for preserving of architectural heritage, also can’t do anything. Cottages built in 14th century have a historical value and are kept in a perfect condition, but National Trust can’t be responsible for the color of the cars belonged to the local people.

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