Uploading 4K Video Files to Vimeo Is Possible

So far only PRO members can share high resolution video.

Today Video announced that users with paid accounts ($199 per year) from now will be able to upload video in 4K resolution, and will be able to define a price for downloading or make it free. The company has followed the example of Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime, which have started working with new video formats.

So far 4K resolution is not very popular due to the fact that to watch a high quality video you need a special 4K TVs. However, according to venturebeat.com potential for this format is growing with the decreasing prices of 4K screens.

Representatives of Vimeo have stated that uploading in a high resolution Video Games High School: all 3 seasons ($0.99 per episode) and A Film About Coffee ($12.99) is very popular among the users, so the company is planning to make an open access to the 4K video files.

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