WWF Targets Emoji Lovers

The World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) launched “emoji” fundraising campaign in Twitter to help the endangered species.

The World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) announced the start of their #EndangeredEmoji fundraising campaign, writes Huffington Post. The campaign highlights 17 popular animal emojis that are endangered species, including: Galapagos penguins, Sumatran tigers, blue whales and green turtles.

Twitter users can participate in the campaign by retweeting a post from WWF’s page. The system will count how many endangered emojis are used by each of the participants in the tweets. At the end of the month, the participants will receive a tally (€0,10 for each emoji used) for a voluntarily financial contribution to WWF.

The campaign is arranged to coincide with Endangered Species Day on May 15th.

(Photo cover by George Lu/Flickr.)

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