Gail Halaban Takes Photos Of Parisians Through Windows Of Their Homes

A new project showing the private life was criticized for being amoral and illegal.

Paris Views, a book by a New York-based photographer Gail Albert Halaban will be released on October 31st. It’s the second book of the project Out My Window (2009) where the photographer illustrated how famous New York high-rises look if seen through the eyes of the occupants in the opposite buildings. The project attracted a lot of attention and Cathy Remy, photo editor of Le Monde’s M magazine offered Halaban an opportunity to continue the project in Paris.

“Photographic connection, which I set between the neighbors reflects the loneness of the people in a big cities,” said Gail during a presentation of the new book.

To start shooting, the photographer asked permission from the inhabitants in advance in order to document their private life. At the same time, not a single photo was posed. Halaban did not announce the precise time of the shooting, she just informed her models that shooting could occur at any time during the day.

In her interview to NYMag she said that some Parisians were horrified that the project might be criminal or immoral even though she was assuming the French would be more uninhibited. To avoid conflicts Halaban mainly shot volunteers who agreed to participate in the project and were found through Facebook. The book contains 60 photos of the Paris series.

Price of the book: $53.20.

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