Roger Ballen Explains What Makes Photography Art

The 3-minute video describe how a regular photographer and an artist are different in several ways.

The Cooperative of Photography magazine posted a 3-minute video on their YouTube channel titled “You May Be a Photographer But Are You An Artist?”. In this video photographer Roger Ballen explains what makes photography art, citing his own works.

“When you push the shutter and take a photo, you are a photographer — but are you an artist? Why do some works stick? Why are some works fleeting? If you ponder this, then you may be an artist, — Ballen says. — How do you define ugly? How do you decide anything? If you redefine your understanding of words, then you may be an artist.”

Bird In Flight published an interview earlier with Roger Ballen, where he talks about how he gave up a successful career as a gold miner for professional photography, what he thinks of criticism, and why he doesn’t need inspiration.

Cover photo: Roger Ballen

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