Scientists Developed a Camera That Prevents Image Overexposure

Modulo Camera prevents overexposure regardless of the shooting conditions.

It has been announced recently that scientists at MIT have developed a camera that can prevent image overexposure. TheNextWeb reports that the new technology was presented at the International Conference on Computational Photography in April 2015.

Unlike conventional cameras that have light sensors that ‘overflow’ when they receive an excess amount of light, Modulo Camera uses a special algorithm to calculate the amount of light necessary for each part of the image.

“No more will photographers or even ordinary people have to fumble with aperture size and exposure length. The algorithm would enable people simply to click the camera button and let the computer deal with exposure problems, – Hang Zhao, one of the creators of Modulo Camera, says. – The modulo camera can potentially transform the way everyday photography works.”

More information about how Modulo Camera works on MIT Media Lab website.

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