Advertising for iPhone 7 Plus Camera Has Almost 2 Million Views

Apple continues to show photographic performance of its devices.

Apple released a one-minute advertising video titled Take Mine, which shows the performance of iPhone 7 Plus camera, Popular Photography writes. In only two days after the release the video has been watched by almost two million people.

The authors of the video, which tells a story of a young woman who comes to a Greek village to visit her grandma, focus on the portrait mode of shooting. It allows users to imitate bokeh effect: with the help of a double camera, a smartphone creates a 3D model of objects caught by the camera, and then applies blur to the image.

The performance of iPhone 7 Plus was earlier tested by Parker Walbeck, the author of Fulltime Filmmaker channel, who compared the quality of video produced by the smartphone and RED Weapon camera, which costs $50,000.

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