Bentley Advertised with a Photograph with a Resolution of 57.7 Billion Pixels

The company decided to surpass the last year's achievement, when Mulsanne was advertised with a 53 gigapixel photo.

Bentley published a photograph with the resolution of 57.7 gigapixels: the company says that it is the most detailed landscape photograph in the world. It shows a panoramic view from one of the tallest buildings in Dubai, and if the users zoom in, they are able to see the car, Flying Spur W12 S.

The final image was composed from 1825 separate photographs. The shoot took a total of 48 hours, and it took another 18 hours to combine the photographs in a single image.

This is not the first time Bentley has taken on such a project: in the summer last year, the company advertised Bentley Mulsanne with a 53 gigapixel photograph.


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