Designers for the Cannes Promotion Poster Accused of Photoshopping

People are angry that the designers wanted Italian actress Claudia Cardinale to look thinner.

In late March, the organizers of the Cannes festival presented its official poster: it features Italian actress Claudia Cardinale, known for her roles in the classics by Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti. Soon after the work was published, it was criticized by French media and Internet users, who accused the authors of excessive airbrushing, The Guardian writes.

The photograph that appears in the poster was taken in 1959. People compared the original photograph and the one in the poster, and noticed that the actress’ waist and hips were made to look smaller. The largest media outlets in the country, Le Monde and Libération, paid attention to the incident.

“While the poster is magnificent, the photograph has clearly and deplorably been airbrushed to thin the actress’s thighs. What a pity,” one of the articles says. “If even Claudia Cardinale cannot represent beauty without being retouched, we really are in trouble,” a Twitter user said.

The Guardian also writes that the 78-year-old actress saw nothing wrong with it: “This concern for realism has no place here and, as a committed feminist, I see no affront to the female body. There are many more important things to discuss in our world. It’s only cinema.”

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