Video of the Day: Photographer Explains How He Took Very Detailed Pictures of Insects

British photographer Levon Biss shows how he worked on his Microsculpture project.

According to the photographer, when he worked on Microsculpture series, he used the insects from the collections of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and shot them with the help of a microscope — this is also what the main limitations are about: because the microscope has small depth of field (only a certain area on a photograph turns out sharp) every final image is compiled from several thousand images. It took the author about two weeks to work on each of the 22 photographs that were included in the series.

“My commercial work is portrait photography essentially, but I specialize in sport,” Levon Biss says. “I travel quite a lot, so I needed a project that would always be there every time I came back from the trip. I wanted to see how I could take my commercial techniques of lighting into that work.”

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