Photographer Wins €15,000 at the Festival in Hyères for the Series about Dublin Youth

Daragh Soden won the main prize at the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography.

Irish photographer Daragh Soden won the main prize at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères in France, British Journal of Photography writes. The jury which includes British photographer Tim Walker, gallerist Michael Hoppen, and curator Robin Muir awarded his project Young Dubliners about young citizens of the Irish capital.

“Dublin is the city I grew up in, I wanted to make work about me but also about the youth in Dublin today,” Soden says. “I approached young people in the streets of Dublin and asked them if I could take their photograph, and allowed them to stand as they wished. The idea was to champion the youth of Dublin today, to celebrate them and also revisit my own youth.”

The winner will receive a grant of €15,000 and an opportunity to present his work at the personal exhibition during the next Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography. Other shortlisted photographers include Nancy Newberry, Sofia Okkonen, Roos Quakernaat, Cordula Heins, and several other authors.

Photo: Daragh Soden
Photo: Daragh Soden
Photo: Daragh Soden
Photo: Daragh Soden
Photo: Daragh Soden
Photo: Daragh Soden

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