Photographer Hired to Capture a Proposal Accidentally Captures the Wrong Couple

Jacob Peters spent 6.5 hours on this commission and took about 450 photographs.

American photographer Jacob Peters who was commissioned to take photographs of a marriage proposal accidentally captured the proposal of the wrong couple, PetaPixel writes. He says that several days prior he received a call from a man who wanted to secretly capture the moment when he proposed to his girlfriend.

The young couple were meeting each other at sunrise in Ozark National Forest — the photographer was supposed to come there earlier, wait for the proposal, and secretly take pictures. Peters accepted the client’s offer and arrived at the shooting location by 6 am.

Soon, on the nearest cliff, he saw a young man and woman, who were taking a walk together, and started taking the first pictures. Several minutes later, the young man took out a ring and proposed to her. “She turns around and starts crying and hugs him and it’s obvious she said yes and all went well,” the photographer said. He continued to take pictures for some time after that, and then went home. Before going to bed, he wrote his client a congratulatory message and said that everything went well and the photographs turned out great.


After Peters woke up, he saw a reply: “I’m confused, we never saw you and we got there a little late, are you sure it was us? I was in a blue plaid shirt.” It was then that he realized that he captured the wrong couple: “So basically I spent 6 and half hours, $40 in gas and food, 450 photos, and took the wrong couple’s photos.”

Peters said he was upset by the situation, but then he decided that he would try to find young people who had no idea their photographs were being taken and give them a present. Thanks to a post on Facebook, he found them after four hours. The photographer is also going to provide a free photoshoot for his original clients.

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