Apple Released a Series of Video Tutorials on How to Take Impressive Photos with an iPhone

The company introduces ways in which to use the photographic capabilities of the smartphone in the most effective way.

Apple released a series of video tutorials on how to take impressive photos with an iPhone 7 Plus: each of the videos tells viewers how to make the most of the smartphone when taking portraits, shooting moving objects, taking macro photographs, vertical panoramas, and photographs in poor lighting without flash, The Verge writes.

More videos are published on the company’s website. Among them are the ones that explain how to shoot a dar silhouette with sunset in the background or about the best camera settings for taking an impressive portrait in street lighting.

Late last year Apple presented a selection of the best photographs taken by professional photographers on an iPhone camera. The smartphone is also more and more often used to replace the DSLR camera: photographs taken with an iPhone have already been published on covers of major magazines, including Billboard Magazine and Bon Appétit.

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