New Camera Add-On Helps Choose Photo Settings with the Help of AI

The creators have already raised over $300,000 for the device.

Arsenal is a new add-on for DSLR cameras based on AI, which can help choose the best settings for taking photographs. The crowdfunding campaign that was launched on Kickstarter, has already brought the creators of the device over $300,000, $50,000 of them were raised in the first nine hours, PetaPixel writes.

To teach the AI, the authors used several million photographs which were popular online. The device will use this data to optimize camera settings based on 18 parameters. In particular, Arsenal takes into account the camera and lens models used by the photographer, information about the vibration of the tripod, and moving objects in the field.

The authors note of the possibility to make the images as sharp as possible: the program takes several photographs with different focus settings and then combines them into a single image, which is as clear as it can get.

The device will be controlled from a mobile app, installed on a smartphone. The user will be able to adjust some of the settings, look through the resulting photographs, and share them on social networks. It is expected that the first customers will start using Arsenal in January next year.

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