David Lynch Creates a T-Shirt Collection with His Drawings

Несмотря на выход нового Твин Пикса, футболки с авторскими принтами посвящены не сериалу.

Film director David Lynch, in cooperation with agnès b, presented a collection with short inscriptions Wild at Heart (for the fans of the movie) and Oh donna (a tribute to a song by Ritchie Valens). The website offers only female T-shirts, at a price of $75. This is not the first time that David Lynch has cooperated with this French brand: the company also sews his suits.

The new season of Twin Peaks, which Lynch claims is his final project, premiered in late May. Judging by the number of views, the pilot episode of the show was much less popular that the premiere of Twin Peaks in 1990: then, the show had about 8 million viewers, and in 2017 — only 506,000. This is the statistics cited by TV by the Numbers, based on research from Nielsen.


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