The Black Protest (Czarny Protest) demonstrations against introducing a full ban on abortion in Poland, October 3, 2016. About 500 Polish employees of European institutions went out to the city's streets in Brussels; hundreds of thousands of women all over Poland went on strike, and demonstrations to support them were held in Berlin, London, Paris and other cities. Currently, in Poland it is permitted to terminate pregnancy only when there is a danger to the mother's health, the fetus has irreversible malformations, or the pregnancy was a result of rape. The new bill that the Sejm has passed in the first reading stipulates a full ban of abortion and criminal responsibility for women who dare do it — up to five years in prison. Doctors who would perform abortions would also face jail time. The color black chosen by the protesters symbolizes mourning the lost reproductive rights of women. Hashtag #czarnyprotest is currently popular on social networks.

Photo: Wiktor Dabkowski / Verwendung weltweit / picture alliance / AFP / East News

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